The day started out just perfect! We left the dock early at 6:30 and arrived at the island at about 9:15 – we were delayed a little once we left the dock as a huge container ship kind of got in our way – but we passed it!

We first anchored up at Indian Rock for our first two dives. The weather was absolutely perfect for a day of diving, nice and warm, and the water was like a huge lake! Totally flat, nice calm ride over. We anchored in about 40 feet of water, visiability was about 40 feet. We stayed at this location at the request of the instructor on board with his huge class, Perry Boyer, as it’s a perfect spot for open water students to do their skills.

After the second dive Chef Christy had a wonderful lunch ready for everyone, BBQ’ed chicken sandwiches, homemade cole slaw and macaroni salad, along with fresh fruit and chips.

We moved for our third dive to Big Geiger which was also totally awesome. We were finished with the third dive by 2:00 PM and left the island. We returned to the dock at 5:00 PM!

Thank you Perry Boyle for bringing your huge class out on the Cee Ray and for a great day of diving. Congratulations to all new certified divers!!!!

A special note to Divemaster Bill Walton – it was great to see you out on the boat!!!!! We hope to see you again soon!

Capt Mike, Capt Kim & the Crew of the Cee Ray.

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