3-Day with Ocean Gear & Huntington High School

Awesome 3-day Trip with Ocean Gear & Huntington High School

We just came off of an awesome 3-day trip with OC & HHS. What a great group of kids and of course the instructors from both OG and HHS as well as Marine Biologist Nancy Caruso were just great. The kids on this trip actually learn so many different things about the ocean and the environment. They put together a project on the last day as well and present it to the group.

We dove at Big Geiger Cove, Hen Rock, K20 and Bird Rock. Visability was approximately from 40 – 60 feet. Even though it was cold we kept the hot chocolate coming and they were all happy.

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Big Gieger

We headed over to Catalina with clear sky’s and snow capped views of Big Bear. Sport Chalet Huntington Beach took over the boat with their open water courses.  “With air temps in the 50’s and water temps matching, you really appreciate diving dry, according to Bobby Zaragoza MI”.

Students enjoyed the excitement of getting to see the underwater environment; we saw Sheep Crab, Nudibranchs, and all sorts of fish. Even though vis wasn’t optimal at 10-15 ft. due to the previous days rain.

Open Water Class - Sport Chalet Huntington Beach

Open Water Class - Sport Chalet Huntington Beach

Our wonderful cook

Instructor Joe also known as "T-bone"

Joe, Bobby and Rachel

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Geiger & Eel Cove

On Saturday January 29th we headed over to Catalina, front side. While there was a little bit of a ground swell running, the ride over wasn’t too bad.

Once we arrived at the island we dove Eel Cove and Geiger. According to instructor Brian Decker visibility was about 40 feet. It ended up being a great day of diving. The air has warmed up a bit outside so that is a good thing.

Congratulations to all of our newly certified divers!!!!

See you diving again soon!
The Cee Ray Crew

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Eel Cove, Bird Rock & Isthmus Reef

Flat as a lake

Flat as a lake

Our first trip out for the new year on a 2-day with dive shop Ocean Gear out of Huntington Beach, CA.

Conditions were perfect, lake like calm water and good visibility after all the rain we’ve had. We dove Eel Cove, Bird Rock and ended the trip with a great dive at Isthmus Reef.

Congratulations to all the newly certified divers!

Can’t wait to see you all out diving with us again soon, until then, dive safe!

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Starlight / Black Rock / Doc’s Cove

It was a great day of Diving! We started out with an extra hour of sleep, thank you daylight savings time! Departing from Long Beach to our first destination (Startlight) we had 30′ foot visibility and water temps approximately 63 degrees. Starlight is a great dive site that offers an abundance of life, like bat rays, silver-sides, plush kelp forests and even a sail boat that wrecked there in approximately 50′ of sea water.  All divers on the boat came up after their dive with smiles.

Dive 2 was conducted at “Black Rock” an awesome dive site, visibility again was about 30ft with a little current and surge. After this dive lunch was served, Meatball sandwiches with a very pleasant salad, um um good!

The final dive of the day was at Doc’s Cove. We saw a bunch of Sheephead and schools of Opal eye’s. Students came up saying that this was the “best dive of the day!” Overall, the day was great with air temps hovering around 71 with swells out of the north and a smooth ride. We look forward to diving with you soon!!

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Catalina with Sport Chalet – September 25, 2010

The day started out just perfect! We left the dock early at 6:30 and arrived at the island at about 9:15 – we were delayed a little once we left the dock as a huge container ship kind of got in our way – but we passed it!

We first anchored up at Indian Rock for our first two dives. The weather was absolutely perfect for a day of diving, nice and warm, and the water was like a huge lake! Totally flat, nice calm ride over. We anchored in about 40 feet of water, visiability was about 40 feet. We stayed at this location at the request of the instructor on board with his huge class, Perry Boyer, as it’s a perfect spot for open water students to do their skills.

After the second dive Chef Christy had a wonderful lunch ready for everyone, BBQ’ed chicken sandwiches, homemade cole slaw and macaroni salad, along with fresh fruit and chips.

We moved for our third dive to Big Geiger which was also totally awesome. We were finished with the third dive by 2:00 PM and left the island. We returned to the dock at 5:00 PM!

Thank you Perry Boyle for bringing your huge class out on the Cee Ray and for a great day of diving. Congratulations to all new certified divers!!!!

A special note to Divemaster Bill Walton – it was great to see you out on the boat!!!!! We hope to see you again soon!

Capt Mike, Capt Kim & the Crew of the Cee Ray.

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Catalina Island with Sport Chalet – September 4, 2010

We started out of the LA light with low visibility due to fog and the swell was 2 to 3 feet at 5 seconds making for a very bumpy ride over and some not so pleasant stomachs, we’re sorry for that, we tried to smooth it out as best we could. The swells have really been giving us fits this summer, totally out of the ordinary to say the least.

We arrived at the island at about 9:30 AM and anchored up at Rippers Cove in 30 feet, we had three good size open water classes on board. The visibility was about 40 feet. We did our first two dives at this location; the island was rather packed due to Labor Day Weekend, lots of Yachties over there! Chef Christy had her Cee Ray Coleslaw Burgers ready for everyone when they came up from the second dive; those were a big hit as always.

We moved for our third dive and anchored at Blue Caverns and set the anchor at 100 feet. We laid back up in the shallow water at about 30 feet, near Blue Caverns. Visibility was about the same, 40 feet. This is an awesome dive spot if you’ve never had the pleasure of diving it, and the caverns are amazing with lots of life. You can also partake in a visit at times from the Giant Black Sea Bass that frequent the area. I’ll say it again, very cool dive spot.

We set for home toward the LA Light a little late at 4:30ish as with the large three open water classes we wanted to give them ample time to get all of the new divers certified.

We want to thank the following instructors for booking your classes and diving on the Cee Ray; Stacy Love, Jeffrey Scott (Assistant), Richard Meier, Aubrey Shaughnessy (Assistant), Sean Noel, and Jeremy Reese (Assistant). We have approximately 20 new certified divers; Spencer Bennett, Ryan Bennett, Krik Bennett, Jonathan Brown, Morgan Latsenmayor, Steven Mueller, Jonathan Reed, Susan Tran, Alex Boggus, Kalie Henry, Luis Hong, Guershon Moreno, Audrey Poet, Hassan Shaikley, Aaron Dubois, Alex Haidinyak, Anthony Haidinyak, Noa Naor, Sean Perry and Christopher Wassink. Congratulations to you all!!!!

We hope to see you all again soon out diving with us on the Cee Ray!

Capt Mike & Capt Kim

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Catalina with Sport Chalet – August 28, 2010

We started out with another great day as we left the dock at 7:00 AM. We had a much smoother ride than the week before, the swell is calming down a bit. We arrived at the island at 9:30 AM and anchored up at Cabo cove. Vis was good, you could see the bottom that’s for sure. The divers did both their first and second dives at this spot. After the first dive we re-anchored the boat as we were expecting gusts of wind up to 25 kts but that didn’t happen. After the second dive lunch was on – grilled chicken fajitas – yummy!

We moved after the second dive over to Little Geiger were we were able to get great vis again. All in all it was an awesome day. Fresh brownies warm out of the oven were ready for the ride home with ice cream.

We want to thank instructors Aubrey Shaughnessy, Emilie Andrews, Dean Becker, Brian Johnson, Scot Mathis and Justin Davidson for bringing their classes out on the Cee Ray for the day. Also thank you for being patient for the slow air fills that were experienced after the first dive. Capt Mike quickly fixed that problem and we were back on track after the second dive.

A big congratulations as well to all of the newly certified divers; Kathleen Alger, Jack Alger, Sarah Callian, Chanel Hui Wen Shih, Heather Johnson, Derek Pantele, Mary Schnieder, Yiwen Wa, Shayne Walsh, Melissa Fernandez, Josh Altman, Michael Boidy, Mike Callaghan, Bill Hofto and Andrew The. Also to Advance students Jeremy Bellard, Kris Buckhorn, Aila Jorela Santos and Ryan Shaughnessy! Great job everyone!

We’ll see you again on the Cee Ray!

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Catalina with Sport Chalet – August 22, 2010

We started out this morning leaving the dock at 7:00 AM – the water in the harbor was silky calm, as we passed the LA light it became a little more choppy but not bad. As we made our away across the channel a light fog lifted and you could see the island in the distance, another beautiful start to a great day.

We arrived at the island at 9:30 and anchored at Doctor’s Cove and set the anchor at about 50 ft. We had two open water classes on board and six certified divers. Visibility was about 30 ft and the water temperature was about 66*F, it really warmed up from last week’s temperatures. The classes did their first two dives at this spot. After the second dive we had another great lunch prepared by Chef Christy – BBQ’ed burgers on the back deck with all the trimmings in the Galley.

We moved for our third dive and anchored in 50 ft in Little Geiger Cove. The visibility there was much better at about 50 ft and the water temperature was the same. All the students finished their certification – Congratulations all new certified divers. A special “thank you” to instructors Lisa Jover, Shawn Haight and Ann Marie McCann for bringing your classes out on the Cee Ray, we hope you enjoyed your day!

As we started home we had fresh out of the oven baked brownies with ice cream, homemade chocolate chip cookies and snacks.

Thank you Sport Chalet for another great day of diving & “thank you” to all of the divers who joined us.

We’re looking forward to another great weekend of diving on August 28th & 29th. Don’t forget we also have an OPEN BOAT on September 5th – for more information contact Capt Kim at 562-505-6505.

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Catalina with Sport Chalet – August 15, 2010

Good morning divers! Another beautiful day at Catalina. We left the dock at 7:00 AM and arrived at the island at 9:30. We first anchored up at Black Rock up on the west end. Visibility was approximately 30 – 40 feet. It was so nice at Black Rock we decided to stay there for the second dive.

After the second dive BBQ’ed hamburgers were ready for the divers on the back deck. We then moved over to Doc point for the third dive. Everyone really seemed to enjoy this spot, some were able to go around the point. After the third dive we pulled the hook and everyone enjoyed fresh baked brownies out of the oven with ice cream.

Congratulations to Instructor Rick Fong’s newly certified divers; Arthur Ayvazian, Christina Kyle and Mike Kyle. We hope to see you out again soon for your advanced certification.

Thank you to all to all the other certified divers that joined us today. Come out diving with us again soon.

The crew; Capt Mike, Capt Kim, Mr. Showtime and Paul

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