We started out of the LA light with low visibility due to fog and the swell was 2 to 3 feet at 5 seconds making for a very bumpy ride over and some not so pleasant stomachs, we’re sorry for that, we tried to smooth it out as best we could. The swells have really been giving us fits this summer, totally out of the ordinary to say the least.

We arrived at the island at about 9:30 AM and anchored up at Rippers Cove in 30 feet, we had three good size open water classes on board. The visibility was about 40 feet. We did our first two dives at this location; the island was rather packed due to Labor Day Weekend, lots of Yachties over there! Chef Christy had her Cee Ray Coleslaw Burgers ready for everyone when they came up from the second dive; those were a big hit as always.

We moved for our third dive and anchored at Blue Caverns and set the anchor at 100 feet. We laid back up in the shallow water at about 30 feet, near Blue Caverns. Visibility was about the same, 40 feet. This is an awesome dive spot if you’ve never had the pleasure of diving it, and the caverns are amazing with lots of life. You can also partake in a visit at times from the Giant Black Sea Bass that frequent the area. I’ll say it again, very cool dive spot.

We set for home toward the LA Light a little late at 4:30ish as with the large three open water classes we wanted to give them ample time to get all of the new divers certified.

We want to thank the following instructors for booking your classes and diving on the Cee Ray; Stacy Love, Jeffrey Scott (Assistant), Richard Meier, Aubrey Shaughnessy (Assistant), Sean Noel, and Jeremy Reese (Assistant). We have approximately 20 new certified divers; Spencer Bennett, Ryan Bennett, Krik Bennett, Jonathan Brown, Morgan Latsenmayor, Steven Mueller, Jonathan Reed, Susan Tran, Alex Boggus, Kalie Henry, Luis Hong, Guershon Moreno, Audrey Poet, Hassan Shaikley, Aaron Dubois, Alex Haidinyak, Anthony Haidinyak, Noa Naor, Sean Perry and Christopher Wassink. Congratulations to you all!!!!

We hope to see you all again soon out diving with us on the Cee Ray!

Capt Mike & Capt Kim

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