We started out with another great day as we left the dock at 7:00 AM. We had a much smoother ride than the week before, the swell is calming down a bit. We arrived at the island at 9:30 AM and anchored up at Cabo cove. Vis was good, you could see the bottom that’s for sure. The divers did both their first and second dives at this spot. After the first dive we re-anchored the boat as we were expecting gusts of wind up to 25 kts but that didn’t happen. After the second dive lunch was on – grilled chicken fajitas – yummy!

We moved after the second dive over to Little Geiger were we were able to get great vis again. All in all it was an awesome day. Fresh brownies warm out of the oven were ready for the ride home with ice cream.

We want to thank instructors Aubrey Shaughnessy, Emilie Andrews, Dean Becker, Brian Johnson, Scot Mathis and Justin Davidson for bringing their classes out on the Cee Ray for the day. Also thank you for being patient for the slow air fills that were experienced after the first dive. Capt Mike quickly fixed that problem and we were back on track after the second dive.

A big congratulations as well to all of the newly certified divers; Kathleen Alger, Jack Alger, Sarah Callian, Chanel Hui Wen Shih, Heather Johnson, Derek Pantele, Mary Schnieder, Yiwen Wa, Shayne Walsh, Melissa Fernandez, Josh Altman, Michael Boidy, Mike Callaghan, Bill Hofto and Andrew The. Also to Advance students Jeremy Bellard, Kris Buckhorn, Aila Jorela Santos and Ryan Shaughnessy! Great job everyone!

We’ll see you again on the Cee Ray!

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