We left at 4AM Monday morning, August 9 and headed over to the island. The water was so calm we decided to go around the corner of the west end and to our amazement; it was the same on the back side. We dropped the hook on Centinal and did one dive with about 50 foot vis. We cruised by pedestal and decided to do a dive there. We then went to Cape of Cortez and set in Cortez Cove. There was awesome visibility and marine life, the divers decided they wanted to stay and dive there until dusk. We then cruised around and finished diving that night at Black Rock where we anchored all night and did some night dives to prepare for opening lobster season. The next morning we went to Arrow Point cove where the divers decided they wanted to stay all day until we left the island.

Thank you Ocean Gear in Huntington Beach for a great charter!

The crew of the Cee Ray

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