On Sunday, August 8, 2010, we headed out for Catalina with a grouping of 30 divers from Sport Chalet. The seas were calm for a good crossing. We thought we’d start our day at Starlight and do a couple of dives. Visibility was about 35 to 40 feet. We had three classes on-board, two of them open water and one dry-suit class. After the second dive we decided to stay and do our third as well because one of the divers had lost some equipment and we wanted to give them a chance to recover it with a search and recovery dive, which ended up being good experience. As well, after all these years, Dive Master Lee Anthony found the sailboat wreck that has been there for a while, he was pretty excited about this as he shared his experience with us. Overall it was another great day of diving, there is so much to see at this site.

Thank you instructors Erika and Marc Vermill, Jerry Saros and Scot Mathis for bringing your classes out on the Cee Ray and joining us. Also a big “thank you” to Aubrey Shaughnessy for joining us as well, it was great to finally meet you!

See you next time! Capt Mike & Capt Kim

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